Keratin Treatment for Blond Hair

Introducing Tutanat Keratin Blond

Sleek blond loja-228x228The first Brazilian straightening treatment exclusively for blondes, platinum and lightened hair.

Because many straightening products can leave lighter shades dull, even discoloured, Tutanat have gone back to the drawing board to create a brand new smoothing system, designed to enhance natural shine and brilliance.

Keratin Treatment for Blond Hair

– Designed just for Blond, Grey, Lightened and Platinum Hair
– Enhances Shine and Brilliance in Lighter Hair Shades
– Smooths and Straightens for up to 3 Months Between Treatments

If you’re Blond, and an experienced user of Brazilian smoothing you may have noticed that many treatments can leave your hair a little darker after use. Truth is that the deep conditioning action of these products can affect colour, especially on naturally blonde, lightened or grey hair.

Keratin Treatment for Blonde Hair

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