Keratin Straightening by Tutanat

10-Minute Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening

brazilian straighteningTutanat’s Keratin straightening system, with added Cysteine and amino acids, is a completely new type of hair straightener, that goes way beyond the traditional Brazilian Blowout.

• No Nasty Chemicals
• No Bad Fumes
• No Waiting Around

brazilian straightening
Instead of using just Keratin, the main ingredient in most treatments, Tutanat contains Cysteine and other esential amino acids. Combined they provide a nourishing way to naturally smooth and straighten your hair, for up to 3 months.

What makes Tutanat So Much Better

formaldehyde free straightening• No Downtime – Takes around an hour from start to finish
Smooths and Straightens – Lasts up to 4 months between treatments
Works on all hair types – Chemically treated, dyed and bleached
Completely Safe to Use – Contains no dangerous chemicals
Simple 3 stage Application – No special equipment or training

How does Tutanat Keratin straightening work?

Here’s the science

The extra ingredient in Tutanat is Cysteine an amino acid, which works in a similar way to Keratin. Both are already present in healthy hair and treatments with either will help control frizz and condition.

brazilian straightening But the big difference is that by adding Cysteine the final result is much kinder than regular Keratin-based treatments, producing a more profound result. It does this by infusing your hair with a deep penetrating solution that effectively fills and bonds the microscopic breaks and fractures in your hair follicles, which are responsible for causing frizz and dryness.

The result is a gently relaxed finish, with less of the arrow straight look associated with traditional Brazilian straightening treatments.

Cysteine is a far richer substance than Keratin and more effective as a nourishing conditioner. That means smoother, straighter hair and a more natural result.

Plus, because Tutanat is basically replenishing a substance that’s naturally present in healthy virgin hair, it repairs and protects against further damage. The results are incredible and like we say a real breakthrough in Brazilian straightening treatments.Powerful enough to work on Afro or intensely curly hair, but safe enough for pregnant women and breast-feeding mums to use too.

Brazilian straightening tutanat“Easy to apply, no waiting around and an end to bad hair days forever”

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