Now the best Keratin straightening treatment in the world comes with its own range of nourishing amino-rich care products.

Everything You Need For 3-4 Complete Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatments

Tutanat’s Sleek Hair Kit contains full sized 300ml bottles of Before and After Shampoo and Straightening Serum a 100ml bottle of Finalising Spray and a 300g tub of Sleek Post-Treatment Mask.

Tutanat are the creators of the world’s first 10-minute Keratin straightening system. And now for the first time you can enjoy the entire system – enough for between 3 and 4 complete home Keratin treatments, including amino-rich before and after shampoo, gloss-enhancing finalising spray and a luxurious conditioning mask.

It’s the same simple 4-step Keratin conditioning routine that literally eases away frizz, leaving even the most difficult to manage or curly hair fabulously straight, shining with health and in fantastic condition.


The Tutanat Progressiva System Kit Contains:


Step 1 – Clarifying Shampoo


Ideal for using as a pre-treatment cleansing shampoo and as part of your post treatment regime, Tutanat have used the same nano-technology to blend vital amino acids, including Cysteine and Keratin to create a gently cleansing shampoo that replenishes and strengthens your hair.

As a pre-treatment shampoo, it enhances and improves results, while the nourishing effects help maintain and prolong the treatment, especially as it begins to naturally fade.

And after treatment Tutanat Sleek Shampoo has everything you need to keep feeding your hair, maintaining your Blowout for even longer.

Step 2 – Progressiva Serum


The new Brazilian Straightening system by Tutanat has revolutionised hair smoothing, making it quicker, easier to apply and giving a far more natural result than traditional hair straighteners.

The bottle contains 300ml – Enough for between 3 and 4 applications.

The Tutanat system is a totally new Brazilian Straightening product – direct from the country that invented the Keratin Blowout. A fresh way to tame frizz and unwanted curl, leaving you with easy to manage hair that looks naturally smooth, shiny and fabulous.

Healthier, stronger and totally frizz free for between 8 and 10 weeks.

Step 3 – Hydrating Mask


A deep penetrating conditioning mask loaded with a rich blend of amino acids, including Keratin and Cysteine. Adds strength, resilience and elasticity to even the most damaged hair.

Apply to damp, clean hair working the product through with your hands, wait 5-10 minutes then rinse well with warm water.

Shine Enhancing Finalising Spray


Gently perfumed and designed to repel humidity and improve shine, this leave-in finaliser works well after washing hair treated with the Tutanat system. Protects your hair from pollution and neutralises nasty daily odours, like fast food and cigarettes.

Use as the final step of a full treatment and as required. Applied daily the spray will improve shine, resist pollution and protect against humidity.

Results that speak for themselves

What makes the Tutanat Keratin Progressiva system so special

• Conditions away frizz and unwanted curls
• Protects against humidity, damp and weather
• Quick and easy to apply, lasts for 2-3 months

Contains ample amounts of everything you need for between 3 and 4 complete applications

Tutanat Progressiva is a real breakthrough in frizz control and reduction. Less ‘dramatic’ than regular Keratin straightening treatments, it won’t leave your hair pin-straight, just smoother, shinier and easier to handle. Best of all, it eliminates frizz completely.

This product is perfect if you’re new to Keratin treatments, and want to try it for yourself and the entire treatment can be completed within an hour.

Do remember, the Tutanat Keratin straightening kit comes with everything you need, including a nourishing conditioner mask, finalising spray plus before and after shampoo. Perfect for a truly professional Keratin treatment at home.

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