Brazil’s Best Selling Keratin Straightening Treatments Just Got Even Better

(and we’ve changed our name from Escova Progress to Brazilian Therapy!)

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Tutanat Keratin Straightening

Tutanat Progressiva is a new kind of Keratin treatment that takes Brazilian straightening to fabulous new heights.

Softer, smoother and an altogether more gentle blowout, for both home and professional use.

Tutanat Progressiva
Keratin straightening

For Blondes and Platinums Too

Tutanat Blond is the first Keratin straightening treatment developed especially for blond, grey and lightened hair.

Smooths and straightens like regular Keratin treatments while enhancing lighter shades and tones.

Tutanat Blond

Keratin Straightening Treatment complete Kits

Everything you need for the perfect Keratin Blowout at home is contained in our Tutanat Progressiva Kits

Exceptionally easy to use expect smooth,frizz-free hair for up to 3 months from a single application.

Keratin Kits
As a professional stylist, I’ve used many different Keratin treatments, I can safely say that Tutanat Progressiva is by far the best I’ve tried.

Easy to apply and excellent results every time. I love ths product! Jaqui M. Dallas

Tutanat Progressiva Brazilian Keratin Treatments

A kinder, more natural Brazilian Keratin Blowout that literally conditions away frizz and unwanted curl for up to 3 months between applications and much longer with continued use.

Free shipping worldwide, including United States

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Tutanat Progressiva Keratin Treatment is a real step forward from traditional Brazilian Blowout products. Enriched with amino acids, including Cysteine straightening is a more natural affair, softer and gentler.

It literally conditions away unwanted curl to leave you with hair that’s easy to manage, fabulously smooth and free from frizz.

No downtime means Tutanat is a lot easier to apply too, the whole process only takes about an hour from start to finish.

• Simple 3 Step Application

• Salon Quality Results

• 100% Formaldehyde Free

Softer, kinder and a more natural finish, Tutanat Progressiva takes the Keratin Blowout to new heights.

Keratin Straightening Explained

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