Questions about Cysteine Hair Straightening

Everything you wanted to know about Tutanat and Cysteine Hair Straighetning

Brazilian hair straighteningJust like the original Keratin Blowout treatments, Tutanat Progressiva, with Cysteine, is a Brazilian innovation. And although these next generation hair straightening products have really caught on in Brazil, they’re still well under the radar of most stylists, beauty mags and bloggers in United States and around the world.

That means we get asked a lot of questions about how Tutanat works, and what makes it better than regular Keratin straightening treatments.

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Cysteine Hair Straightening – Frequently Asked Questions

Kit Sleek 1000ml-600x600I live in United States, where can I find these products?

The only place outside Brazil that you can buy Tutanat products is at our online store, but you may find other hair straightening treatments that contain Cysteine at better hair stores and salon suppliers. It really depends on where you live.

What is Cysteine Hair Straightening

Cysteine based hair straighteners are the latest advance in the Keratin Blowout. They still contain Keratin, but they have added amino acids and natural proteins, which give a gentler, glossier and softer finish than traditional products.

Naturally, as with all genuine Brazilian hair straightening products it’s 100% Formaldehyde-Free, and contains no dangerous chemicals.

An advanced feature of Tutanat is that, unlike other similar products that need to be left on for 24 or even 48 hours, it works in just 10 minutes, so the entire treatment can easily be completed in under an hour, from beginning to end.

How is Cysteine Different to Regular Keratin Treatments

Well for a start it’s worth saying that both work well at straightening and smoothing your hair. But unlike Keratin-only products, a Cysteine straightener like Tutanat can be absorbed much quicker, and penetrate deeper into each follicle, essentially restoring it to pristine condition.

That means your hair feels softer, looks more natural and stays frizz-free longer.

What is CysteineWhy Haven’t I Heard of Cysteine Hair Straightening Before

Cysteine straighteners like Tutanat are very new to the market and represent the cutting edge of hair technology. While Brazil has gone crazy for the treatment other countries, including United States are only just catching on.

But just like the original Keratin treatments of ten years ago, Cysteine Straightening is set to revolutionise hair straightening.

Do These Products Contain Formaldehyde

Absolutely not. That’s the big difference between a product like Tutanat Escova Progressiva and other straighteners. Cysteine is a naturally occurring substance and is much easier for your hair to absorb than Keratin. That means it doesn’t require the same complicated chemical formula to penetrate individual hair fibres and can easily be absorbed by your hair.

The other point to mention is that the use of Formaldehyde is actually banned in Brazil, so despite what you may have read, you’ll never find any genuine Brazilian hair treatment contains any dangerous chemicals. It’s against the law here.

How Long Does Tutanat Last

Between 2 and 3 months from a first application. And in exactly the same as other Keratin straighteners, each application lasts longer up to around 6 months.

What is Cysteine Hair StraighteningThat’s the reason it’s known as Progressiva here in Brazil, because as your hair absorbs more and more protein it stays healthier and less prone to frizz for longer.

Does Tutanat Escova Progressiva work on Black and Afro hair

Yes it does. While you might need more than one application to get a truly relaxed look, the result is far more natural than other chemical straighteners. It also works really well as a complementary treatment to traditional relaxers, healing damage and softening new growth.

That means it’s absolutely ideal to maintain already relaxed hair and gently repair the damage caused by earlier treatments.

I’m pregnant, can I use this?

Yes you can. Because of the incredibly mild formula Tutanat Progressiva is completely safe to use if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding.

Is it Difficult to Apply

Absolutely not? The Tutanat system is a simple 3 step treatment. The entire process should take less than an hour from start to finish. (Check out the video on this page for a full step by step guide)

Where Can I Buy Tutanat Escova Progressiva

Buy cysteine straighteningRight here on the site. We’re the first company to export the Tutanat Cysteine Escova Progressiva system worldwide. Check out our store here.

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