Brazilian Keratin Straightening by Tutanat

Step by Step Instructions

Brazilian straightening treatment The Tutanat Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment is very easy to apply, and because you only need to leave the product on your hair for 10 minutes, the whole application can easily be completed under an hour, from start to finish.

Follow our simple, straightforward instructions for a perfectly frizz-free Blowout that should last between 2 and 3 months, and much longer with continued use.

No special training or equipment required, follow this simple guide and you’ll be fully equipped to perform the perfect hair straighening treatment at home or in a salon.

Steps 1-3 explain exactly how to apply the treatment, while steps 4 and 5 explain detail how to use Tutanat’s hair maintenance products.

+ We’ve also added a handy video at the bottom of this page, with a full walkthrough guide.

tutanat brazilian straightening treatmentWhat you’ll need:

• hair grips
• a bowl or small container
• an applicator brush
• a hair-dryer
• electric irons


How to apply Tutanat Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatment

• Step 1
Brazilian TreatmentUsing Tutanat Sleek (or any salt free) pre-treatment shampoo wash and rinse your hair thoroughly. Then using a blow dryer, dry your hair until your just damp to the touch and divide into sections.

• Step 2
Using a small applicator brush and working section by section, ‘paint on‘ the Tutanat solution. Once you’ve covered all the sections, take a fine tooth comb and work out any excess solution, discard. Once completed, wait 10 minutes then blow dry, brushing straight as you go, until you hair is almost dry. (the video below shows how to do this really well)

• Step 3
Next divide your hair into sections as before, and using electric irons (hair straighteners) pass over each section 3 times, allowing to cool after each pass. This has the effect of sealing in the Tutanat Brazilian straightening treatment and completing the application.

Brazilian TreatmentOnce you’ve covered all sections rinse and dry your hair as normal and style.
That’s it. The treatment is complete, wash and go, frizz-free hair for 2-3 months.

Optional: The next two steps are optional during your initial treatment, but work really well at maintaining the results of Tutanat in the weeks after treatment.

• Step 4 (Maintenance)
Applying the Tutanat Hydrating Mask
Wash your hair with Tutanat Sleek shampoo and towel dry. Take a small amount of the Tutanat Hydrating Mask and apply evenly over your hair using a small brush or ‘massage’ with your hands. Wait five minutes and rinse normally with warm water. Use a hair-dryer and paddle brush to finish, brushing your hair as shown in the video below.
Tutanat mask works like a deep conditioner, nourishing your hair with deep penetrating amino acids and protein.

• Step 5 (Finalising)
brazilian straighteningSpray onto dry hair from a distance of 15-20cm. Brush through and go.
Tutanat leave-in spray is perfect for daily maintenance adding shine and repelling the negative effects of grime, pollution and humidity.

takes the traditional Keratin Blowout to the next level.
Easier and kinder than any other product on the market, it works in a fraction of the time and produces a really professional finish.

Check out our online store and discover just how good it is for yourself.

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