The First Formaldehyde-Free 10 Minute Keratin Blowout

* No Waiting – Good to Go in Under 1 Hour
* Results Last Between 2 and 3 Months
* Very Straightforward Application
* Leaves Your Hair Soft, Shiny and Straight
* 100% Formaldehyde-Free

A Breakthrough in Hair Straightening

Tutanat is a new type hair straightening product – direct from the country that invented the Brazilian Blowout. A fresh way to tame frizz and unwanted curl, leaving you with hair that’s easy to manage and looks naturally smooth, shiny and frizz free.

Wash and Go Hair that requires minimal styling and always looks fabulous. Healthy, strong and completely free of frizz for up to 3 months between treatments.

The 10 Minute Blowout Explained

Tutanat Progressiva is the next generation of Keratin straightening, with added Cysteine for a kinder, more nourishing treatment, that works in a fraction the time of other straightening products and lasts just as long.

Like Keratin, Cysteine is a natural amino acid, already present in healthy hair and it’s addition helps to create a more natural finish in two ways:

• It penetrates your hair on a molecular level, filling the tiny cracks and fractures that exist in each follicle and are responsible for causing frizz.

• It seals up the damage, forming a tough and resilient coating that protects your hair, preventing future dryness and frizz.

Buyer Review

“Incredible. At last a treatment that gives me long lasting results without the two day wait. Thanks a lot for introducing me to Tutanat. I’ve tried other products, but to be honest I’ll only be using Tutanat from now on. I’m a convert!” – Rebecca, Baltimore.

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