How is Cysteine Different to Keratin

Tutanat – The New Wave of Brazilian Keratin Straightening Reviewed

“I’m a stylist and I was looking for an alternative to the Brazilian Blowout treatment I was using, after finding out it contained Formaldehyde. So I’m delighted to have discovered your website.

I’ve tried out the Tutanat treatment on several clients now and I’m very happy with the results (so are they). I’m phasing out my current product in the salon and I’ll be replacing it with Tutanat. Hence this review and my new order for 12 bottles.”

Anna, London

cysteine straightening reviews

“I’ve fallen in love with Tutanat already. My first application took about an hour and the results blew me away. It’s been five weeks now and my hair still looks perfect.

All I do is air dry in the morning and I’m good to go. God knows how much time I’m saving. I’ll definitely be back for more.”

Ruth, Chicago
cysteine hair straighteninga

“I didn’t have a clue what Cysteine straightening was but now I’m your biggest fan. I’ve used a Keratin straighteners in the past, but hadn’t been that impresed. Your Tutanat Progressiva was so much kinder on my hair, and very easy to use.

My hair was in a real mess 3 months ago, but now after two treatments it looks like it did when I was a kid, and it’s growing so much healthier.”
Rachel, Sydney


tutanat cysteine straightening“I’m Brazilian, and I actually had a Tutanat treatement last time I was back home in Sao Paulo. My sister uses it in her salon.

Since then I’ve been looking for somewhere to buy these new products online. I know the brand Tutanat well, there one of Brazil’s top hair product makers, famous for bringing new treatments to the scene.

brazilian straighteningTheir Progressiva straightening treatment is as good as any Keratin Blowout I’ve had in 5 years.”

Tania, London

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