Next Generation Brazilian Straightening

brazilian therapyIntroducing the Tutanat Brazilian Straightening system, a breakthrough Brazilian Therapy that gives you natural looking, frizz free hair for up to 3 months, in a treatment that takes under an hour to complete, from start to finish.

Tutanat Brazilian Therapy is very different from traditional Keratin straighteners and uses a completely new and innovative process that naturally straightens your hair, by gently infusing it with a more complex blend of essential amino acids.

• Unlocks Curls and Frizz – Last up to 3 months
• Simple 3 Step Application – Very easy to use
• Quick and Easy – Less than an hour to apply
• 100% Formaldehyde Free – Completely safe
• Soft and Gentle Finish – Naturally straight

abrazilian hair therapy

A new kind of Brazilian Straightening Therapy

brazilian hair straighteningThat produces incredible results

Tutanat have taken Brazilian straightening to the next level, with a brand new system that combines extra amino acids including Cysteine, to create a far more gentle finish than regular Keratin straightening treatments. The result is smoother, straighter, nourished hair that looks and feels naturally soft and healthy.

Tutanat’s Escova Progressiva is an intensive, deep conditioning treatment that will smooth and straighten your hair, easing away frizz, repairing damage and protecting it from the elements.

The treatment itself lasts between 2 and 3 months from a first application. And with continued use you can expect healthy looking, naturally straight hair for up to 4 months between treatments. That’s because the Tutanat Brazilian Therapy uses a naturally occurring substance, called Cysteine rather than Keratin, to provide a deep conditioning treatment that goes way beyond the traditional Kertain Blowout.

• Naturally Unlocks Curl and Frizz – Lasts up to 4 months between treatments
• Repairs and Restores Damaged Hair – A permanent improvement that really lasts
• Adds Strength, Shine and Vitality – Replaces natural elements essential for healthy hair
• Completely New Formula – Absolutely no Formaldeyde or dangerous chemicals
• Very Easy To Apply – Straightforward 3 step process, no special training required

Why makes the Cysteine Brazilian Therapy so good?

Cysteine is contained within the amino acids present in healthy virgin hair. It’s especially important in maintaining shine, and preventing the tiny fractures that cause frizz, by naturally filling and fusing them.

In short, hair that looks glossy and smooth tends to be rich in Cysteine, while dry frizzy hair tends to have a lower content. Because this vital amino acid is responsible for maintaining hair in really good condition.

Tutanat 10-Minute Brazilian Therapy for a kinder, smoother and altogether more natural finish

Using a revolutionary new technique, the Tutanat Brazilian Therapy infuses your hair with Cysteine, on a strand by strand level. This results in deep penetration which goes to the core of individual hair fibres, filling and smoothing each one, before creating an effective and invisible protective coating to prevent further damage.

brazilian straighteningThe result is hair that’s smoother, silkier and stronger. Perfect for all hair types, even chemically treated hair. Tutanat is very easy to use, can be applied in under an hour and produces professional, salon quality results, along with a permanent improvement in condition to hair that’s been damaged by harsher straightening products.

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